Delaware Water Gap // October 2009

Well, we didn’t really camp, but we stayed in a cabin in The PEEC (Pocono Environmental Education Center). While not the nicest or most rustic cabin, it was warm …  it went down into the 30′s the night we stayed. The first cabin they gave us was covered in cobwebs and dirty but the one [...]

Ricketts Glen // June 2009

Our favorite PA campsite, maybe our favorite campsite, Ricketts Glen has the most spectacular 7 mile trail with 21 waterfalls. The rest of the park is just as beautiful with lush trails full of wildlife.

Little Pond / July, 2008

We decided to return to Little Pond after trying North South Lake the previous year. It wasn’t quite as good as we remembered but the highlight of the trip was a small, secluded pond that we found teaming with frogs and other wildlife. We spent 2 trips there catching frogs as well as some crayfish [...]

North South Lake / August, 2007

Another park in the Catskill mountains, this one with great hiking with beautiful vistas. On this trip we had some pretty severe weather, with heavy rain and wind. We had one really rough night and woke to find one of our canopies had flown away in the night, but when the sun was out, there [...]

Little Pond / August, 2006

Little Pond is one of the many parks in the Catskill mountains in New York State. We have been there twice over the years, and while it is a beautiful park, the amenities and activities are a little limited. The pond is little and the hiking, while challenging, is mostly wooded, with no great vistas.

French Creek / June, 2005

French Creek is a small campground near Philadelphia. Though not as scenic as some sites in the Poconos, it offers a lot of activities, including fishing, boating, hiking and swimming (pool). Unlike many PA sites, it does offer mountain biking, and some very challenging hills.

Ricketts Glen / July, 2004

One of our bests, despite Gabriella’s trip to the hospital